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about me

I'm a healthy, 55 year old, tough as nails ex hockey player. I have 34+ years of experience in investment markets. To say I have seen it all in wall street since 1979, is quite an understatement.

I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia  and Harrisburg Pennsylvania, a kid entrepreneur from age 6, usually doing 4 jobs at the same time. I did everything from delivering the early morning newspaper, shoveling snow in bitter cold, to caddying at the local private golf course in 90 degree heat.

I attended mostly private catholic schools and started playing hockey at age 9. My economics and financial services degrees are from American College in Bryn Mar Pennsylvania.

My wife and I live on a beautiful 27 acre working organic farm (see below pic) outside Shepherdstown WV. We don't have any children, but hope to soon find the perfect farm dog or 2. We LOVE when clients and friends come visit our farm.

I don't play golf or tennis, don't own a boat, or like to travel. My investment work is my life. Yes, I'm a workaholic and proud of that work ethic. Growing my own organic food is the closest thing I have to a hobby.

I'm not a very good salesman, I prefer to let my excellent track record speak for itself. Almost every client I have ever had come by via referral. My average client has been with me 16 years, is 74 years old.

My boring life is pretty much an open book, anything you want to know, just ask.

Carpe diem,
Woody O'Brien